Tandem LEDTM WAV RGB Smart Control Receiver

WAV RGB Smart ControlTM Receiver

WAV Smart ControlTM RGB Receiver works with all RGB 4 wire LED lights. It offers 3 control options 1. Optional RF Wireless 2. App control 3. Voice control.

Featured at CES 2020, the TandemLED Smart Home RGB Lighting receiver is a unique 4 Wire professional quality system that is DIY friendly to install and get connected to your smart home system with its built-in WAV (Wireless-App-Voice) Smart Control Technology with Zigbee 3.0 and RF functionality. Why is this system so special? It controls all brands of RGB LED lighting with a 12V to 24V DC input. It’s also designed for professionals but is easy for anyone to install. It is UL Listed and compliant. Right out of the box, it can be up and running in under 60 seconds with Amazon speakers like Echo Plus and Show. It can also be connected to Google Assistant, Apple HomeKit*, Phillips Hue, Samsung Smart Things and many more! If it has Zigbee its WAV compatible. You even have the option for complete Wireless RF remote control, just purchase the optional TandemLED RF remote. This is great when Wi-Fi is not available or for control in any room.

Key Features

Wireless Control

App Control

Voice Control

Box Contains

WAV 120-watt RGB Smart Receiver with Zigbee + RF control. Connect to Alexa right out of the box!

Tech Specs

Brightness LED Quantity
Connection Type Length
Dimensions Lumen
Dimmable Operating Temperature
Efficacy Standards and Certifications
IP Rating Strip Width
LED Beam AngleWattage
LED DensityWattage Total
LED LifetimeWire Length

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