What is TandemLEDTM ?

TandemLED™, named for its unique two-wire (tandem) operation, is a patent pending, two wire, tunable white LED Lighting technology that adjusts LED lights from Warm White 2700K to Cool White 5000K and anywhere in between.

Example of a kitchen in different white color temperatures

How is TandemLED different?

Traditional LED Lighting products are very limited in what they can do. They only come in one color temperature (either warm white or cool white), they emit low quality light and offer no smart control features.

Traditional “Dumb” LED Tape Lights

TandemLED™ products allow you to personalize lighting throughout the day, set a mood, enhance lighting to perform tasks, all while maintaining high lumen output. Installation is easy using industry standard two wires.

And when paired with one of our WAV Smart Control™ receivers, the lights can be controlled through wireless remote, smartphone app or voice.

TandemLEDTM SMART Multi-White LED Tape Lights

See how TandemLEDTM lighting products work with WAV Smart ControlTM to personalize your lighting space with our groundbreaking 360 interactive experience.

Discover our range of products using TandemLED™ technology and start transforming your regular household into a Personalized SMART HOME centered around YOU.