What is WAV?

WAV stands for Wireless, App, Voice. Is is a new technology that is used in smart receivers.

When properly installed and connected , our WAV Smart ControlTM receivers can turn any two-wire LED Lighting products into smart home connected lighting that works with Amazon Alexa, Google Home, Phillips Hue, Apple HomeKit, and any Zigbee 3.0 compatible system.

Basic hookup illustration

How is WAV Smart Control Different?

Traditional lighting receivers only allow you to control lights using a remote control. They also lack customization when it comes to controlling different lighting zone separately, changing brightness and color temperature.

With WAV Smart Control™, you can control LED Lighting in three ways

Wireless RF
Remote Control

Works with the App you already have to control from anywhere

Connect to a smart speaker and use Voice Control

Works With

And when paired with our TandemLEDTM lighting products, you can create different moods around your house by adjusting color temperatures from Warm to Cool and everywhere in between.

See how WAV Smart ControlTM works with TandemLEDTM lighting products to personalize your lighting space with our groundbreaking 360 interactive experience.

Discover our range of products using WAV Smart Control™ technology and start transforming your regular household into a Personalized SMART HOME centered around YOU.